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Profile Member: Rino Sashihara

Rino Sashihara (指原 莉乃 Sashihara Rino?, born November 21, 1992) is a member of Japanese idol group AKB48 Team A produced by Yasushi Akimoto.

Life and music career

In October 2007, she auditioned and was chosen as a trainee for AKB48. She was promoted to a regular member of former Team B. She was chosen as a "Senbatsu" member for first time on the single "Ōgoe Diamond", followed by other songs, including "Under Girls". On August 2009, it was announced that she would transfer to Team A. She transferred in July 2010.
On December 4, 2010, she attempted to upload 100 articles in a day on her official blog, with the number of page views reaching 35 million on the same day.
Since January 2011, Sashihara has been featured on a half-hour TV program with her nickname, "Although You Are Sashiko (This Program Is Totally Unrelated to AKB)" (さしこのくせに〜この番組はAKBとは全く関係ありません〜 Sashiko no Kuseni (Kono Bangumi wa AKB to wa Mattaku Kankei Arimasen)?), broadcast by TBS, which features her "Hetare" (ヘタレ?, means somewhat cowardice, incompetent, impatient) character, and subtitled "A variety program to train Sashiko" (さしこ育成バラエティ Sashiko Ikusei Variety?).
Sashihara will star as lead in the drama "Muse no Kagami" starting on January 14, 2012. She will sing the theme song titled "Soredemo Sukidayo", which will be released as her debut solo single in May 2, 2012 on the major record label Avex Trax.



With AKB48

  • "Ōgoe Diamond"
  • 10-nen Zakura"
  • "Namida Surprise"
  • "Heavy Rotation"
  • "Beginner"
  • "Sakura no Ki ni Narō"
  • "Dareka no Tame ni"
  • "Everyday, Kachūsha"
  • "Flying Get"


  • "Soredemo Sukidayo"

Stage units

  • Team B 3rd Stage: Kagami no naka no Jean Da Arc
  • Team B 4th stage: Itoshiki Natasha
  • Team A 6th Stage: Enjou Rosen


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Rino Sashihara

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