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Profile Member: Tomomi Itano

Tomomi Itano (板野 友美 Itano Tomomi?, born July 3, 1991) is a member of the Japanese Idol group AKB48, as well as a soloist. Her talent agent is Horipro.


In 2005, she joined the all-female Japanese idol group AKB48. After becoming a model for the popular woman's fashion magazine Cawaii!!, she released her first photo book titled T.O.M.O.row in April 2009. In early 2010 she played Shibuya in the AKB48 TV Tokyo dorama "Majisuka Gakuen". She had a recurring role on Kamen Rider W as Queen, alongside friend Tomomi Kasai, until the show ended in late 2010. Together, they made up the sub-unit Queen & Elizabeth
Itano ranked 4th place in the second AKB48 Senbatsu election (June 2010).

2011 Activities

She released her first single, "Dear J", on January 26. It currently holds 3rd place in Recochoku (largest Japanese ring tone site) Chaku Uta ranking.It reached number 1 on the Oricon daily ranking and number 2 on the Oricon weekly ranking, selling 204,981 copies. In April, she returned to her role as Shibuya on the "Majisuka Gakuen" sequel, "Majisuka Gakuen 2". Her first digital single "Wanna Be Now" ranked number 2 on the daily Recochoku charts and number 6 on the weekly charts.
Itano ranked 8th place in the third AKB48 Senbatsu election (June 9, 2011). Her second single "Fuini" was released on July 13 and sold 90,103 copies, ranking #1 on the weekly charts

Solo discography


  • "Dear J" (January 26, 2011)
  • "Fui ni" (July 13, 2011)
  • TBA (April 25, 2012)

Digital singles

  • "Wanna Be Now" (May 11, 2011)
  • "Ai ni Pierce" (愛にピアス Ai ni Piasu?) (June 1, 2011)

Tomomi Itano


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