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Profile Member: Mariko Shinoda

Mariko Shinoda (篠田 麻里子 Shinoda Mariko?, born March 11, 1986 in Maebaru, Fukuoka, Japan) is a singer, actress, fashion model, and one of members of the Japanese Idol group AKB48

Life and career

In October 2005 she failed an audition to be one of founding members of AKB48. She started working at a café in then-Akihabara 48 Theater (renamed and currently known as the "AKB48 Theater") as a staff member. Although she was not a member of AKB48, she won a popularity contest voted on by fans visiting the theater. Hearing that, Yasushi Akimoto, General Producer of AKB48, came to her and gave her conditional permission to join AKB48 if she could remember and perform all 12 songs and choreographies performed at the theater in 4 days. She did nothing but practice for next 4 days and made her debut on January 22, 2006.
She is part of the "Senbatsu" group in the most singles released as AKB48, since AKB48's 1st single under major label, "Aitakatta".
From March 30, 2011, she started hosting a show with her own name, "Mariko-sama no Orikou sama" (麻里子様のおりこうさま!?) on NHK.



  • Tokyo Girls Collection (2009–2010)



Year English Title Role
2011 Documentary of AKB48: To Be Continued Self
2011 Inu no Eiga (犬とあなたの物語 いぬのえいが?) Sudo-san
2011 Gal Basara: Sengoku Jidai wa Kengai Desu (ギャルバサラ 戦国時代は圏外です?)


Year Title Role
2009 Love Game episode 11 Ruka
2009 Gine Sanfujinka no onna tachi (ja:ギネ 産婦人科の女たち Gyne Ladies of ob-gyn?) Toda
2010 Majisuka Gakuen (ja:マジすか学園?) Sado
2011 Taisetsu na koto wa subete kimi ga oshiete kureta (ja:大切なことはすべて君が教えてくれた You taught me all important things?) Self
2011 Sakura kara no tegami (桜からの手紙 〜AKB48 それぞれの卒業物語〜?) Mariko Shinoda
2011 Majisuka Gakuen 2 (マジすか学園2?) Sado
2011 {Ouran High School Host Club} michelle


Year Title Role
2007 Faitenshon Depāto (ja:ファイテンション☆デパート Fight Tention Depart?) Self
2008 AKB 1:59 (ja:AKB1じ59ふん! AKB 1ji 59fun?) Self
2008 AKB 0:59 (ja:AKB0じ59ふん! AKB 0ji 59fun?) Self
2008 Gold House (ja:ゴールドハウス?) Self
2008–2011 AKBingo! Self
2008–2009 AKB48 Nemousu TV (ja:AKB48ネ申テレビ?) Self
2008–2010 Jaikeru Makuson (ja:ジャイケルマクソン?) Self
2009–2010 Omoikkiri Pon! (ja:おもいッきりPON!?) Self
2009–2011 Shukan AKB48 (ja:週刊AKB Weekly AKB?) Self
2009–2011 Nobunaga (ja:ノブナガ?) Self
2010 AKB600sec. Self
2010- Uma Pro (ja:うまプロ?) Self
2010- AKB to ××! (ja:AKBと××!?) Self
2011 Documentary of AKB48 Self
2011 Mariko-sama no Orikousama! Self

Mariko Shinoda

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